Hello, Wise Skies crew!  I’m Molly Gauthier. Tiffany is out enjoying some much needed time off. She asked me to help out with a guest post about the New Moon. Hi!!!

This week’s New Moon is actually a Solar Eclipse at 27° Aquarius. The exact moment of the Eclipse is 4:05 pm Eastern on February 15.

february 15 solar eclipse astrological chart

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An Eclipse is a New or Full Moon that happens to be close to one of the Moon’s Nodes, north or south. This is a South Node eclipse, which pulls awareness to the past. It could bring up a situation from the past for review, examination, and processing. Whatever is front and center in your life right now, look for its roots in the past.

The New Moon falls into one of the final degrees of Aquarius, stubbornness can be an issue. This Lunar cycles calls upon all of us to work at letting go of ideas and attitudes that are holding us back, keeping us bound to the past rather than moving forward.

This New Moon stirs things up around your plans and intentions to experiment, research, and try something new– and opens up doors to do so. With so much energy around the South Node in Aquarius, however, it is important not to get too detached, too impersonal, too cold– or you might lose your way. Make a conscious effort to stay connected to your heart, your creativity and passion, the “why” behind the “what.” Team efforts should go well, provided there is capable leadership to pull the team together.

In medical astrology, the Aquarian energy relates to the circulation of blood and chi (energy) throughout the body. If your flow feels blocked, causing pain, poor sleep, or other issues, acupuncture may be very effective. Aquarius also rules the leg below the knee, so careful banging around in the dark of the New Moon, because it’s easier than usual to bang up your shins or twist an ankle.

Jupiter square the Eclipse point is a caution light. Jupiter under stress is a fun-house mirror that distorts perceptions, making things seem like a bigger deal than they really are, or you could miss something important thinking that it’s no big deal. A great deal of the energy during this Lunar cycle wants to go in a logical, scientific, 2+2=4 kind of direction, but emotions will come up, as well, and this is where you need slow down and to take your time with decisions this Lunar cycle. Short-cuts might not work out in your favor.

Tread lightly through the Mars-Neptune square, in force Wednesday through Saturday morning (exact 6:21 am ET). Keep life simple, and don’t rush. Neptune’s impact on the Mars force makes our energy more sensitive, leaky, and prone to misinformation, missteps, and mistakes. Neptune lowers Mars’ defenses, so take some hits of your favorite immune tonic and avoid sweets and junky carbs for a few days. Let the clouds of emotion pass before you make any big deals or decisions. Next week should feel more straightforward and clear-headed.

All good things,
Molly Gauthier, CNTP
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