AstroWellbeing – Molly Gauthier, CNTP

Molly is a professional astrologer and certified nutrition therapist.

AstroWellbeing Consultation

HygeiaA planetary perspective on your health patterns and your personal timeline.

  • Examine health patterns in the natal chart
  • Identify opportunities to improve health
  • Optimal times to change your routine, visit practitioners, and go for it– or lay low.
  • Strategies to help you through stressful times

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Best date for a medical procedure
  • Surgery, dental work, and medical procedures are a big deal!
  • The interplay of the Sun, Moon and planets in the heavens tells us how well things are likely to be “flowing” in a complex setting like a surgical workplace.
  • Their contacts to your birth chart tell us a lot about your vitality, resilience, and frame of mind going into surgery.
  • These are two incredibly important pieces of information to check when you schedule any stressful activity, especially a medical procedure.

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AstroMagic – Tiffany Harelik, MA

Tiffany is a professional astrologer, intuitive reader, and cookbook author.

AstroTarot - ask your burning question
  • Ask your burning question!
  • Get a quick answer by e-mail
  • Only $35!

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AstroMagic Moon Calls

There’s more to it than meets the Sky…. if you’re loving our Full Moon and New Moon posts, you’ll love these easy-access phone calls for added insight on how to utilize the Lunar energies. You can listen live, or listen later with a unique call in number.

  • Get in sync with the lunar rhythms for more flow and ease in planning.
  • Maximize your wishes, prayers, and intentions with the timing of the Moons.
  • Learn what planetary aspects and Lunar Lore affect each Full and New Moon.
  • Learn when Luna changes signs each week  & how that affects you personally.
  • Get ideas for menu planning, what to eat, and which herbs best support you with each Lunar cycle.
  • Guided meditations, special guests, & more…

Email to participate.

$10 / drop-in call
$15 / month
$100 / year
2018 AstroMagic Moon Calls Poster


AstroMagic Monthly Membership

Tiffany’s AstroMagic monthly program offers ongoing support to help you learn to use astrology wisely to step into the best timing of your life. This group will give you one-on-one access to me as your personal astrologer for the year. I’ll be sending you customized monthly reports on how the Skies are affecting you personally, you’ll have access to training calls and podcasts, and you’ll get a free burning question each month. For those who want a deeper dive into astrology, this is a huge way to boost the magic and synchronicity in your life.

JOIN THE MEMBERSHIP HERE or email for more information on paying monthly.

If you’re feeling no direction…
If you are not sure if your love life is on track…
If your finances or career are out of whack…
If you’re not feeling at home in your own body…
If you are wanting a sense of being in flow…
If you have anxiety about decisions…
If you want to know when the funk will end…
If you want a heads-up before life throws you a curve ball…
If you’re just wanting a little more magic and synchronicity in your life…

The AstroMagic Membership is for you! Not only will you learn what 2018 has in store for you personally, you’ll also:

Gain a sense that everything is happening in perfect timing
Feel really good about your love life, finances, and career choices
Feel confident about when to say yes, and when to say no
Feel depression lifting
Get in rhythm with the cosmic calendar
Deepen your astrological knowledge
Get in tune with your authentic self, deeper than before
Live the best year ever, better than you ever thought possible

Astromagic Membership Benefits

  • A natal assessment – I’ll email you a picture of your birth chart with a basic interpretation for you to have to refer to throughout the year. You’ll want to know which house and sign each of your planets are in so the special reports can resonate with you. It’s a great way for me to get to know your chart and sync up with your rhythm for the year ($150 value).
  • The Wise Skies Monthly Forecast and bi-monthly Lunar Lore Forecasts right to your inbox – this gives you a sense of what is going on in the cosmic calendar, the soup we all live in :). This is a free service on our website, but I’m going to sent it to your email to make your life easier.
  • Personalized AstroMonth email – learn how the monthly forecast and lunar forecasts affect you personally in your chart – it’s the missing ingredient you need – I promise! This is not a computer-generated report. I’m personally reviewing your transits and giving you a customized email ($150/mo value)
  • Access to two private group calls each month: Listen live, or listen later to get insights on how and when to utilize New Moon & Full Moon energies, with special meditations, recipes, and rituals ($100/annual value)
  • Access to the new Wise Skies Monthly Podcast – Listen to special interviews with master astrologers, get the big picture forecast, & learn about astrology. While anyone can tune in, Astromagic members receive special attention on air when I answer your specific questions and use your charts as teaching tools. In essence, your interests and aspects are the driving forces for our topics in 2018.
  • Ask one burning question per month for insight from the tarot and astrology decks ($35 value).

Sign up!

  • Email to join the group while there is still space available.
  • The cost is only $150/month for 2018.
  • You can join/leave at any time with no obligations to stay.


All services are confidential. NCGR Code of Ethics for Astrologers

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