AstroWellbeing – Molly Gauthier, CNTP

Molly is a professional astrologer and certified nutrition therapist.

AstroWellbeing Consultation

HygeiaA planetary perspective on your health patterns and your personal timeline.

  • Examine health patterns in the natal chart
  • Identify opportunities to improve health
  • Optimal times to change your routine, visit practitioners, and go for it– or lay low.
  • Strategies to help you through stressful times

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Best date for a medical procedure
  • Surgery, dental work, and medical procedures are a big deal!
  • The interplay of the Sun, Moon and planets in the heavens tells us how well things are likely to be “flowing” in a complex setting like a surgical workplace.
  • Their contacts to your birth chart tell us a lot about your vitality, resilience, and frame of mind going into surgery.
  • These are two incredibly important pieces of information to check when you schedule any stressful activity, especially a medical procedure.

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AstroMagic – Tiffany Harelik, MA

Tiffany is a professional astrologer, intuitive reader, and cookbook author.

AstroTarot - ask your burning question
  • Ask your burning question!
  • Get a quick answer by e-mail
  • Only $35!

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All services are confidential. NCGR Code of Ethics for Astrologers

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