Personal AstroWellbeing Consultation

Why get a medical astrology reading?

You’re feeling stuck on your health journey. Feeling moody, fatigued, and less like “you.” You’re working with different practitioners, maybe you even have a diagnosis. But there are no clear roads to recovery, only symptom-based coping strategies. You’re looking for someone to help you put the pieces together and understand the “bigger picture.” You’re curious about medical astrology and ready for new insights, practical answers, and potential pathways to recovery.

  • Your life’s journey as seen in the birth chart.
  • Insight into unseen root causes of illness.
  • Psychological and karmic patterns that relate to your symptoms.
  • Current and upcoming chapters in your story.
  • Recommended therapies to help you feel better— and when to seek them out.
  • Individualized holistic health and nutrition tips

Consultation length: 1 hour
Price: $107

Hygeia. Daughter of Asclepius. Goddess of cleansing and guardian of mental health.

Molly Gauthier, CNTP

Molly Gauthier, CNTP

Medical astrologer, nutrition therapist, founder of Wise Skies

Molly Gauthier began her love affair with astrology in 1996. She specializes in electional astrology, medical astrology, and the blending of the two-- electing optimal dates for medical procedures. Molly is a certified nutrition therapist, helping people with chronic illness get to the root of their pain, have more energy, and manage their moods naturally– with good food and carefully chosen supplements. Visit her practice at


  • Phone: 540-416-1312
  • Email:


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