Personal AstroWellbeing Consultation

  • Insight into potential unseen root causes of illness.
  • Psychological and karmic patterns that relate to your symptoms.
  • Current and upcoming chapters in your story.
  • Recommended therapies to help you feel better— and when to seek them out.

Consultation length: 1 hour
Price: $107

Hygeia. Daughter of Asclepius. Goddess of cleansing and guardian of mental health.

How AstroWellbeing got started

Molly Gauthier, CNTPI have had chronic pain in various forms since I started practicing astrology in 1999. As the years passed, I started to notice a correlation between my symptoms and planetary stress patterns. At first, I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing. I tried to ignore it. But anytime I had big plans on one of those difficult astrology days, I got nailed. Sometimes I was only aware of the difficult astrology in hindsight. So I gave in and started to learn the “method to the madness.”

As I learned more about medical astrology, I saw that it wasn’t just me. My timing predictions also worked for other people who, like me, were walking a tightrope between functioning and not.

When my health problems worsened in 2012, it was clear from my chart that my near future wasn’t going to be easy. As my path unfolded, my transits and progressions gave meaning to my journey– a mythical backdrop to the ups and downs of my illness and recovery over the next four years. Pluto. Two Mars retrogrades. Lots of hits from Saturn and Neptune. My Uranus opposition.

That was my “astrological midlife crisis,” and it pretty much sucked. But there was a rainbow at the end of my midlife hurricane. Being profoundly ill was, ironically, good medicine for me. It helped me grow in compassion, understand the world in a new way, and drove me to cut the crap and get to doing the work I love.

Why would I want to know?

“I don’t want to know” is a common objection that I hear about astrology readings. That’s understandable– what if I saw that you were going to develop an illness, have an accident, or die? So let’s clear this up first– I would also freak out if I heard such a thing from an astrologer. I can’t and won’t tell you when you’ll get sick or die. Some astrologers argue that it isn’t possible to predict death from the chart. Others say it is. When a person is very ill and death is inevitable, a reading can uncover potential windows of time when death may occur. That is the only circumstance in which I might offer a prediction of death. But I’m not interested in predicting death.

This reading isn’t about death, illness, and problems. I’m looking for patterns of stress, strengths and weaknesses, and paths to wellness. While I am able to see the potential for an accident or illness, it isn’t a certainty until it happens. The outcome depends largely on what’s on your calendar that day— are you sitting at your desk that day, or fixing the roof? But I can give you a heads-up about it, so that you’ll know when to plan that home improvement project or skydiving trip. The same goes for illness: while the chart may show potential to develop a certain illness, it is only potential. The flip side of understanding your potential for illness is knowing where to focus your efforts to get healthy or stay healthy. And that’s the space I like to explore in an AstroWellbeing reading.


Molly Gauthier, CNTP

Molly Gauthier, CNTP

Medical astrologer, nutrition therapist, founder of Wise Skies

Molly Gauthier began her love affair with astrology in 1996. She specializes in electional astrology, medical astrology, and the blending of the two-- electing optimal dates for medical procedures. Molly has a holistic health practice at


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  • Office hours: Tuesday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET


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