Good_Food_Display_-_NCI_Visuals_OnlineVenus in Cancer sextile North Node and Jupiter, opposite Pluto

Work: A friendly and lighthearted vibe. Sweet, social Venus touching the lucky Jupiter-Node conjunction and powerful Pluto make today great for tidying and organizing around the office, checking in on the books, working on art and design tasks, sales and marketing, teaching and learning, travel, conferences, and meetings. Review the books, balance sheet, credit cards, and investment opportunities.

Love: With Venus in foodie sign Cancer, the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. Venus in harmony with Jupiter lifts the mood, bringing sweetness and fun into the social picture today. Pluto in the mix helps you let the light in, transform dark places in need of healing, or clear the air. Open-hearted listening will score you trust points.

Health: A healthy meal enjoyed with good company gives you nourishment on many levels. Too much sugar can upset the hormonal balance that governs blood sugar levels. Keep that in mind if your energy feels “crashy” today. Spiritual groups, shamanic journeys, energy work, chakra clearing, visualization activities, and meditation have a powerful impact.

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