Mercury in Gemini sextile Uranus
Venus in Cancer trine Neptune

Work: Listen to others, even if their ideas sound wacky. Bringing people with different perspectives together with a common goal results in something truly unique. Look for simple, Earth-friendly solutions to complex problems. Whenever possible, let nature do the work. A creative, innovative vibe creates an ideal window of opportunity to make technology purchases and updates, hold a meeting, conference, or strategy session, or make art and design decisions.

Love: Everyone looks hotter and sexier in candlelight. Neptune’s energy turns on that soft glow that obscures our flaws and makes for spontaneous and effortless connection. There is a delicious electrical “flow” to conversations and connections. Reach out and do something nice for someone. What your actions communicate is just as important as the words you say. Attending an art or music show, or even tidying and creating beauty around the house can be calming and therapeutic.

Health: Sensitivity to chemical and emotional toxins is high today. We can benefit from practices focused on balancing the central nervous system and energy meridians, like acupuncture, qigong, Tai Chi, or neural retraining. Body chemistry is more stable, making it easier to taper or adjust meds. Receive visitors or blow a spoon or two hanging out with loved ones. Being in nature is healing and restorative. A sauna or hot bath helps you sweat out toxins, helping you look and feel better.

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