Back in October, I asked for your input on a new project I was dreaming up– a free medical astrology resource kit for wellbeing practitioners. I thought I might hear from a handful of people– but as it turns out, I had dozens of responses.

As a result of this overwhelming (to me) response, I expanded my vision… and blew this thing up bigger than I originally thought. And it took longer than I thought, too.

I spent the last months of 2017 finishing one of my last remaining courses toward my MNT (Master Nutrition Therapist) diploma at NTI. I attended a three-day continuing education course on brain chemistry. I got politically active. And I made plans to facilitate a nutrition workshop in Waynesboro, a nearby town.

But I also took time to study your feedback and create this free AstroWellbeing Resource Kit. Some of it is new. Some of the handouts are recycled from classes and presentations I did 10 or more years ago. 10 downloads– 10!!! all designed to give you a deeper window into the art and practice of medical astrology. This is the first time I have shared this material, all in one place.

Here is what the “AstroWellbeing Resource Kit” includes:
  • An introduction to the Kit, via the new Wise Skies podcast
  • A set of professional handouts that you can share with your colleagues and clients
  • An introduction to medical astrology

As I was creating these materials, a fearful part of me started saying no, I shouldn’t give away all of my secrets!! I small-mindedly wondered if I would be creating more competition for myself. But then I snapped out of it. Here in the United States, our health system is in chaos. Basic insurance coverage is still out of reach for many of us (and will be soon for more of us). More people are going to be looking for affordable alternatives. That’s why we need the most informed practitioners possible in every realm of health care, from conventional to traditional to energetic. If I can help you use astrology to better understand your patients and clients, then how could I not give you my best? I want you to have this, for free.

After you’ve looked over the kit, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think and how it has helped you. I LOVE receiving your feedback. And I’m looking forward to your questions and comments.

In your service,

Molly Gauthier


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