Hey there! It’s Molly here with one final update before I turn the Wise Skies Newsletter back over to Tiffany and her wonderful monthly updates.

I hope you’re having a peaceful Fall season. Some of you know that I relocated recently to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Mid October is prime “leaf peeping” season here. It’s a little slice of heaven, where I live… The tweeting of the birds, chirping of the bugs, and the gentle “shhh…” of the creek flowing by help me let go of the stress of living in America today. The stress of waking up wondering if my country started a nuclear war while I was asleep. The gentle, grounding power of nature, just doing its business of living every moment. It’s an honor and a privilege to live in this Valley, and I’m grateful. (The property next door is for sale, by the way.)

The New Moon coming up tomorrow lands at 26 Libra, bang-on the Ascendant in my chart. What that will bring, I never know exactly, but I do know that the Libra season is full of change and never boring. I am hopeful to make some great new connections and strengthen my link to the local community. I am comfortable with solitude, but being new in town gets lonely, even for me!

Anyway, here’s . . .

An Update On My AstroWellbeing Training Program

Back in September, I sent out an email asking if there were any aspiring wellbeing astrologers out there who’d be interested in a complimentary “AstroWellbeing Resource Kit” that I’m THINKING about making.

I didn’t want to make this thing if you didn’t want it . . . so I made a special list to gauge the interest. (If enough people joined the interest list, I promised myself I’d make the kit).

Well… enough people joined!

Bottom line– I’m going to do it. I’m going to make the free resource kit. If you’re on the interest list, you’ll be getting it in November!

The Final Call

Starting in just a couple of days, ONLY people on the “AstroWellbeing Interest List” will receive insider information on my upcoming AstroWellbeing Training Program and receive the free resource kit.

(Some people on our newsletter list are only here for Tiffany’s monthly forecasts, not because they’re potentially interested in learning about medical astrology… so I want to be considerate of them and make sure that they don’t get bombarded with information they don’t want or need.)

So if you want to get the resource kit that’s coming out in November, and the all the good stuff I’ve got coming your way, I highly suggest you join the “AstroWellbeing Interest List” now:

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That’s It For Now

Well, I’m off to rake some leaves!

But rest assured that if you’re on the “AstroWellbeing Interest List” I’ll be hooking you up with lots of great help and information, starting in just a few days…

…and if you’re NOT potentially interested in learning more about medical astrology (and aren’t on the list) then, starting next week, you’ll continue to receive Tiffany’s usual monthly forecast. And emails about my AstroWellbeing project will die down.

In your service,

Molly Gauthier (Nutritionist to the Stars)

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